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Peak Ventures

Opening doors to the world of venture capital

we are

We’re peak, the first investment company in the world to open the doors to the world of venture capital and help the general public invest alongside the leading VC funds. The investments are made in the most promising startups in Israel.

Each investment is divided among 6 or more startups. Realization of holdings happens between funding rounds, with an average of 24 months between rounds.  Realization after one round of funding can yield a return for investors in less time than in today’s venture capital world. 

Why invest with us?


Investment alongside VC funds that’s open to anyone

Portfolio Diversification

Dividing each investment among 6 or more startups

Short-to-medium term investment

Realizing holdings between funding rounds

We at peak will invest our clients’ money in portfolios alongside our partner VC funds, which are among the leading funds in Israel





Partner Funds

peak opens the door to investing, alongside VC funds, in Israel’s most promising startups.

These funds have years of experience, skilled teams of analysts and the ability to study companies in depth and predict their market potential with comprehensive due diligence. peak will aim to realize holdings between consecutive funding rounds, during which the VC funds raise their investment out of confidence in the startups’ continued growth.

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