Legal Notes

  • The information presented is general and preliminary information regarding the investment conditions. The information is not intended to constitute an offer to the public pursuant to the Securities Law, 5728-1968, and is not a substitute to reviewing the investment agreement.
  • The investment is in accordance with the terms of the investment agreement.
  •  The investment is not regulated pursuant to the Securities Law and/or according to the provisions of the Joint Investments in Trust Law and any advertising material about it has not been approved by the Israel Securities Authority. The full details of the investment and its conditions will be disclosed only as part of the negotiation process, in which disclosure will be made to a limited number of potential investors pursuant to the provisions of the Securities Law. The information in the video does not constitute individual investment advice and is not a substitute for advice that takes into account the data and the special needs of each person.
  •  The investment encompasses opportunities, as well as risks in connection with the invested funds, including the risk of losing the entire invested funds. When making an investment decision, the investors must rely on an examination carried out by them alone regarding the investment and its conditions, including benefits and risks involved in the investment, and they must receive advice from suitable advisers regarding legal, accounting, financial and taxation issues involved in making the investment.

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