Peak Ventures | הסיפור שלנו

Opening the doors to the world of venture capital

Peak Ventures | קו כחול

We’re peak, the first investment company in the world to open the doors to the world of venture capital and help the general public invest, alongside the leading VC funds, in the most promising startups in Israel.

Our Vision

Our Innovation

To open the door to the world of venture capital and help the Israeli public take part in the success of Israeli high-tech.

Our Innovation

For most Israelis, investing in high-tech is possible only following a startup’s IPO on the stock exchange (i.e., in the late stages of its lifecycle).

The early stages are reserved for an exclusive club of experienced investors with significant capital, whose holdings are realized about 10 years after their investment, in the event that the startup achieves its long-awaited exit.

peak’s investment model provides access to investment opportunities in promising startups from their earliest stages, right alongside other VC funds and with the possibility of realizing holdings between funding rounds.

Advantages of investing with peak


Investment alongside VC funds that’s open to anyone

Portfolio Diversification

Dividing each investment among 6 or more startups

Short-to-medium term investment

Realizing holdings between funding rounds

The people behind peak

peak is an Israeli investment company founded by a team of professionals from the fields of high-tech, finance and management.

We’re challenging the traditional investment world and offering a new alternative.

peak‘s experts have proven experience in guiding startups towards success and in venture capital investing, as well as a deep and longstanding familiarity with the Israeli ecosystem. The management team is a close-knit group, combining vast knowledge, proven skills and extensive experience; and most importantly – all share a common vision for a future in which the high-tech world is open to investment by the general public. 

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