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Peak Ventures | קו כחול

peak opens the door to investing alongside venture capital funds in Israel’s most promising startups.

These funds have years of experience, skilled teams of analysts and the ability to study companies in depth and predict their market potential with comprehensive due diligence. peak will aim to realize holdings between consecutive funding rounds, during which the VC funds raise their investment out of confidence in the startups’ continued growth.

What do venture capital funds do?

VC funds are one of startups’ main sources of financing and their importance is rooted in the fact that they strive to keep investing in startups throughout the funding rounds and until the final IPO.

What do VC funds actually do?

The funds take an active part in finding investors for additional funding rounds.

The funds check the feasibility of the investment and carry out due diligence for startups.

The funds utilize their vast experience and expertise to identify companies with profit potential.

The funds take an active part in making major decisions in the startups.

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